My practice yearns to look at the world with tender detachment. 


Predominantly working with performance, objects, video, and writing; I collect and explore circumstances of playful absurdity that surface in rational environments.

Treating the mundane as a backdrop, ridiculousness begins to manifest itself in distantly familiar objects, sounds, scenarios, and gestures. Features of the banal are exaggerated, heightened, reiterated, and reimagined. With the relatively boring world they inhabit remaining unmoved. Extremity asserts itself, but is ignored.

Film and performance are treated as an investigation into the economy of significance. What is chosen to be shown, and the gravity that these chosen moments yield.

In this realm, significance is supple. It ignores the subjective desire to connect human with human, and instead, looks to connect with the essence of an atmosphere. The perspective is removed, yet sensitive. The way someone preens a crease in their trousers, stirs more compassion, than the words they speak whilst doing it.

Focusing mainly on mood and feeling, plots seem like they have dissolved in water. All that remains are residues of one-liners and erratic motions. The content at once arrives, and departs, on a breeze of compelled transience.